5 Braided Hairstyles for the Gym

You know how it’s much more fun to go to the gym when you have a cute new sports bra or pair of patterned leggings? You can get the same kind of gym-time motivation just by switching up your hair! Here are five ways to braid your hair for the gym.

French Braid Double Buns


This look is perfect for an exercise like yoga or pilates. The two buns on the sides help you avoid that awkward bun or ponytail right on the back of your head that makes lying down flat on your yoga mat extremely uncomfortable. Part your hair in the middle, and create two French braids to the nape of your neck, then twist the ends up into mini-buns.

Fishtail Topknot


This style is perfect for any time that you want all of your hair up and out of your way. Start with a high ponytail on top of your head, and then create a fishtail braid by overlapping small pieces from either side. Finally, twist the braid up into a topknot. It’s a few notches up from your typical messy bun, and it will stay put longer, too.

Headband Braid


This ‘do is great for those days when you have to go straight from the gym to class, work or a meeting and you don’t have time to worry about your hair. This style will keep your hair out of your face and off of your neck while working out, but it will also look totally cute as you go about the rest of your day. Start by creating a horizontal part about two inches back from your hairline. Tie all of your hair behind the part into a bun. Next, create a French braid with the remaining hair, starting just above your ear and continuing around your head. When you finish the braid, twist it up into the bun, and you’re all set.

Braids on Braids on Braids


This one will keep your hair cute and contained for an intense treadmill session. It looks complicated, but it’s actually super simple. Just start with a high ponytail, and then separate the hair into three sections. Create a normal braid in each section, and then braid those braids together. You’re good to go!

Triple Dutch Braid Ponytail


This is another great one for high-impact workouts, like kickboxing or using an elliptical. Divide your hair into three sections, and create a Dutch braid – basically just an upside-down French braid – in each section. Then join the braids together at the back of your head into a ponytail.

These hairstyles will keep you looking good at the gym. They are both fashionable and functional. Give them a try, and post a photo on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #ValleyMag!

All photos courtesy of Janie Cassidy