4 Ways to Level Up in Quarantine

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While some of your future plans, internships and jobs may currently be on hold, that doesn’t mean this time has to go completely to waste. How you choose to spend your time in quarantine is totally up to you, but many people are using this time to improve their knowledge and develop new skills. Here are four ways to level up your skillset in quarantine.

Online Courses

With the spring semester coming to a close, you don’t necessarily have to stop learning. There’s a wide variety of courses provided through online platforms (and many of them are free) to look into if you want to learn a new skill or improve your knowledge on a subject.

One of the perks of taking courses through an online program is that there are so many niche classes, and many of the subjects may not be provided at Penn State. From fashion and merchandising to religion and language, there is something out there for everyone.

Some websites that provide online courses include edX, Skillshare and FutureLearn. Also, universities such as Harvard offer free online classes, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Educational Books & Videos

There are so many platforms to learn in today’s world to take advantage of. YouTube is a great space to learn about virtually anything you’re interested in, with topics ranging from cooking to computer programming.

Podcasts also serve as platforms that you may use for entertainment purposes, but can also be used for educational purposes. There’s an entire education category in the Apple Podcasts app that gives you recommendations for courses, language learning and how-to shows, to name a few. 

Books are, of course, another great outlet that can give you profound knowledge. There are countless books out there on every subject, so you’re bound to find something that interests you. If you don’t want to wait for a paperback book to ship to you, you can always buy and download books on your devices or through apps such as Audible — which happen to be much cheaper as well.

Start a Blog or Website

No matter what your career goals are, a website or a blog can be a major way to level up. A website can act as a resume and is a great way to showcase your past achievements, skills and any projects you’ve done or are doing. A website is also flexible, personalized and can be applied to whatever your goals are.

For any writers out there, creating a blog is both a fun and beneficial way to get your ideas and writing out on the internet (and it also looks great on a resume). A blog can be about whatever your interests are — whether you want to write on fashion and beauty topics, or about the world around you, you have the freedom to write as you please.

Creating a blog or website doesn’t have to be costly or overwhelming either. Platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace make it easy. Learn more about creating an awesome website here.

Online Certifications

Online certifications are another way to level up your skills — plus they look great on a resume no matter what your major is.

Google Skillshop allows you to get certified in various skills AND it’s free. Some of the categories of certifications that are offered include Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform and Analytics Academy. There are many certifications, from the Google Analytics Individual Qualification to Campaign Manager certifications.  

Google is just one example of the various websites where you can certified in different skills. Another way you can get certified is through completing online courses, as mentioned above.

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