4 tips on what to wear to Dayglow

Some might say that putting tons of time into your Dayglow attire is a little (let’s be honest) … pointless. After all, you’ll basically walk out of the event with an entirely new outfit (#paintpartyproblems). But when it comes to attending America’s largest paint party (this Wednesday and Thursday at the Bryce Jordan Center), we’ve got four other tips — beyond decking yourself in head-to-toe in white — you should keep in mind before the paint starts flying.

Tip #1: Get creative

Obviously, you wear white to Dayglow. Duh. But just because you’re essentially assigned one color doesn’t mean that you have to wear a plain, white T-shirt. Try fringing a basic T-shirt or cutting the back of a V-neck for a twist on the expected. Definitely rock the white, but get creative with it!

Tip #2: Don’t wear your favorite [fill-in-the-blank]

Shoes. V-neck. Purse. Jeans. You name it. If you absolutely love it, don’t wear it anywhere near Dayglow. Just don’t. Unfortunately, paint parties and favorite outfits do not mix. There will be paint everywhere — literally flying at you from all directions. As tempting as it is to wear your favorite outfit to such a fun event, stick to clothes that you won’t mind getting dirty and (potentially) never be able to wear again.

But if you’re still determined to accessorize, check out McLanahan’s downtown stores for their selection of Dayglow-approved attire.

Tip #3: Leave the heels at home

Just like with your favorite outfit, you’re also probably tempted to wear that adorable pair of white wedges or your favorite pair of heels. While they’ll look super cute for the first five minutes of Dayglow, you’ll be doing A LOT of standing and there will be paint EVERYWHERE (aka you’ll be dying to take them off). Try wearing a cute pair of more comfortable shoes that you won’t mind getting covered in paint or moving around in for a few hours.

Tip #4: Bring a plastic bag

This goes along with Tip #2. If you love your Kate Spade wristlet or your Longchamp purse…DON’T bring it to Dayglow. Paint will be all over your bag (an especially big problem if it’s your everyday wristlet or purse). Instead, bring a minimal number of things with you (think ID card and cell phone) and opt to carry them in a plastic bag. Trust me, when your bag is covered in paint and your phone is still pristine, you’ll be glad you did.

Now that you know what to wear to Dayglow, the only thing left to do is grab some paint and get ready to experience life in color!

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