30 Thoughts Girls Have When Watching Rom-Coms

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There’s nothing Valley girls love more than a cheesy but cute romance movie with an attractive couple and a happy ending. From the build-up to the final kiss, we wish real life could be like this. We all know the thoughts we have when watching our favorite classics. Whether is a classic 80’s movie with the lovely Molly Ringwald, or one with everyone’s favorite leading man, Matthew McConaughey, these are thoughts every girl has when watching a romantic comedy!


1. Oh, let me guess it takes place in New York City?

2. Why do these movies always take place in NYC?

3. Maybe I should just go there and find my own leading man…

4. Well okaaay I see you Mr. McConaughey (or Mr. Grant, or even the unlikely Mr. Rudd), looking good!

5. Yes, look at our leading lady slaying. So professional– work those heels!

6. Okay, meet cute. Here we go.

7. Of course they hate each other first. It’s not a romantic comedy if they don’t hate each other first.

8. So the girl’s a journalist. I guess writers do get all the love– but wait why am I single then?

9. Aww, he likes her already. OMG, that look in his eyes! He basically loves her?

10. When will a guy look at me like that?

11. Please tell me she see how he’s looking at her?! Why can’t she see it yet?

12. Yes!! Now she likes him, this is going good so far, I hope nothing ruins this.

13. Well… Damn never mind then.

14. Why do you both think the other doesn’t feel the same way? Why does every movie have to do this to me? Just be in love already!

15. Yaaas sassy best friends, put mister and misses lead characters in their place.

16. Reunited and it feels sooooo good!


18. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry!

19. But it’s just so sweet!

20. Omg, wait, are those fireworks?

21. *during credits* sooo like this isn’t real, right?

22. But like seriously, where is my cute, perfect, sarcastic boyfriend?

23. Ugh, I’m so painfully single.

24. Time for ice cream.

25. ….and Tinder.

26. When did I become so college?

27. *Swipe left.*

28. *Swipe left.*

29. *Swipe left.*

30. Well, helloooo there, *swipe right.*



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