13 Reasons Why or Why Not

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Warning: article may contain spoilers for “13 Reasons Why.”

A few months ago, all Netflix subscribers were blessed with yet another riveting season of the original Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Featuring gut-wrenching scenes that tend to be controversial, the series has stirred up a lot of talk on whether the show does more harm than good when it comes to spreading awareness on mental health and sexual assault.

While many viewers have fallen head over heels for actors Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen), Brandon Flynne (Justin Foley) and Katherine Langford (Hannah Baker), the actors themselves have discussed the difficult task of portraying such intense scenes on camera.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, Devin Druid, the actor who portrays Tyler Down, expressed that his sexual assault scene in season two was “incredibly intimidating.” While the actors of the show feel it is important to bring these topics to light in hopes of destroying the stigma against mental health and the realness behind the aftermath faced by sexual assault victims, viewers of the show feel they may be going to far.

Julie Tooma, a junior nursing major, says the show could be a trigger for some viewers. “I do think in some ways it glorifies suicide,” says Tooma.

However, the nursing major also points out that the show does provide warnings in the beginning of each episode for graphic content. “The issues that the show deals with are very real and I think it’s important for people to watch it because it starts a conversation,” says Tooma.

Within the months following the season two premiere, many viewers have taken to social media to question whether or not the newest season will be focused around the topic of gun control. The final episode ending with Tyler Down heading towards the high school with a loaded gun leaves fans up to speculation.

“I don’t think season three should be about gun control because it is still a sensitive subject for a lot of people, especially with all the school shootings happening this past year,” says Tooma.

Tooma also feels the ending of the show may have been ineffective and unrealistic. “I thought it was really bad that they showed that Clay stopped Tyler just by talking to him because I feel like people are gonna think that’s all it takes to stop a shooting,” she says.

While most viewers of the series are older in demographic, some younger viewers are expressing their opinions on the sensitive topics brought up in the show.

Kiara Mendoza, a high school student from Allentown, PA., thinks that viewers just need to be cautious and aware of what they are watching. “I do think they should make a third season because there aren’t a lot of shows that talk about these topics and people are now coming out and speaking about these topics,” says Mendoza. “As long as they keep the warnings in the beginning, I don’t see a problem.”

While Netflix has not confirmed the exact release date for “13 Reasons Why” season three, they do anticipate the season to premiere in 2019.


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