11 Dog Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow Now

Photo posted by Puppies of Penn State | Instagram (@puppiesofpennstate)

If you’re anything like us here at Valley, you need your daily dose of dogs. Checking out adorable, fluffy and slobbery dogs on Instagram is the perfect way to satisfy these needs, along with another method of procrastinating when you can’t bring yourself to do school. Either way, these precious pups will not disappoint!

Valley’s narrowed it down to our top eleven favorite dog Instagram accounts:

1. @thedogist

There’s no shortage of canine eye contact here! This account allows you to get up close and personal with the all of your favorite breeds. Warning: Possible cuteness overload.

2. @toastmeetsworld

Say hello to Toast, a King Charles puppymill rescue with no teeth. Relish in pictures of her hanging out with her friends, fresh out of the bath or making a fashion statement in her topnotch sunglasses.

3. @deanthebasset

Spend everyday with Dean the Basset Hound. Enjoy pictures of his daily activities and big, floppy ears.

4. @barkleysircharles

If you’re a fan of adorable, white French bulldogs, then Sir Barkley Charles is the guy (dog) for you!

5. @mybullygram

These English Bulldogs’ squishy faces will force a smile on your face no matter what your mood.

6. @pugsofinstagram

With cute pugs clouding up our feeds on a regular basis anyway, why not add one more adorable account to the mix? You won’t regret it, especially not when you see one of those adorable faces looking up at you.

7. @shrinkabulls

Oh the wrinkles! If you need a little more joy in your life (maybe some more girlish squealing too), these precious French and English Bulldogs are sure to get the job done.

8. @bearcoat_tonkey

Think about the softest, most cuddly creature in the entire world. Tonkey the bearcoat Shar Pei is enough to make you want to snuggle in his fur forever.

9. @dogsinbeds

Honestly, enough said.

10. @chiefthemastiff

Chief the Neapolitan mastiff is from Auckland, New Zealand. With a mushy, stone-cold face like his, you’ll never know what this guy is thinking!

11. @puppiesofpennstate

Is there anything better than an adorable picture of a puppy in front of Old Main? This new Instagram account combines two of our favorite things— Penn State and puppies.

Now that you’ve taken a peek at some of these accounts, put away those study notes and start scrolling through your feed for a puppy-filled afternoon!